TARGET’s GI will hold its first online solo fan meeting “GI SOLO FANMEETING with ZETH” on February 7th! ZETH appears in MC

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It has been decided that TARGET’s GI will hold a solo fan meeting “GI SOLO FANMEETING with ZETH” online from 16:00 and 21:00 on February 7th (Sun). In addition, TARGET member ZETH will appear to MC.

The theme of this solo fan meeting was “I couldn’t say it.” Two people who have shown various stages as TARGET since 2020. GI is the oldest member of TARGET and is in charge of rap, and has also shown that he can handle a solo stage. With a lot of support from the fans, it was decided to hold this fan meeting.

And ZETH, who has been an MC of various artists through the video platform “FC LIVE”, will also support this stage. After the online fan meeting, an online autograph session will be held! I would like you to convey your impressions of this solo fan meeting on a one-on-one basis.

TARGET is a K-POP boy group that made their debut in Japan with the single “Hot Feeling” on December 20, 2017, and debuted in Korea with the mini album “Alive” on January 24, 2018 after indie activities in Japan.

On TARGET’s official Twitter, the hashtag “# 1D1G” is attached and updated every day to communicate with fans. On the day of the 3rd anniversary of TARGET’s debut in Korea last month, we finally opened an Instagram account. Fans are also looking forward to future posts.

And ZETH who acts as MC is fluent in Japanese, and also plays a role of talk and game facilitator when performing for TARGET.

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