The first trailer for the new drama “The Devil Judge” starring Ji Sung is released… with a cold stare

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The first trailer for “The Devil’s Judge” caught our attention with its shocking visuals of Ji Sung’s charisma and the devastation of the world.

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Demon Judge” (script: Moon Yoo-seok, director: Choi Jung-Kyu), which will begin airing in South Korea on July 3, throws out a message of justice through a live courtroom show in which the entire nation participates, set against the backdrop of a hypothetical dystopian Korea. The story poses the question, “Is the demon judge Kang Yo-Han (Ji Sung) a hero or a demon in the mask of a judge?

The trailer released today (28th) starts with Kang Yo-han’s eyes showing the devastation of a “virtual dystopian Korea” and instantly makes the viewer feel involved. The world we see looks devastated and miserable, with cities engulfed in flames, people running for their lives, and a society where order has collapsed.

As the camera’s gaze becomes more distant and the light gradually shines on Kang Yo-han’s face, his peaceful yet dignified expression becomes clearer. However, it soon turns into a gaze that does not reveal his true intentions, and before you know it, the devil judge appears, surrounded by a cold and eerie atmosphere.

The visuals of the judge wearing a white legal suit as if to contrast with the turbulent world, the unfamiliar style of the courtroom as if it were a TV program, and Kang Yo-han standing in the center of the courtroom as he conducts the trial create a momentary but strong impression.

The first trailer alone raised expectations for “The Devil’s Judge” with its comment, “Dear people, your court will soon begin.”

The production team of “The Demon Judge” explained, “The first trailer shows Kang Yo-han, a demon judge who is trying to bring new justice in a turbulent world, and takes us to a virtual dystopian Korea, which is the concept of the drama. He continued, “I hope you will look forward to seeing how Kang Yo-han’s ‘Legal for All’ will bring about change in a turbulent world.

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