The four-member OWV starring “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” and the second title program “OWV Michi 2” will be released on January 26th!

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The second generation of the next-generation boy group OWV’s crown program, “OWV Road Two,” will be exclusively distributed on “GYAO!” From January 26th.

This program is the second installment following the road movie “OWV Michi”, which was distributed on “GYAO!” In September 2020. The concept of traveling around various winning prayer spots has not changed from the previous season so that OWV can go to the top of the entertainment world, and the place to aim for in the second installment is decided to be “Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan”!

At Lake Biwa, which is a “treasure of power spots” crowded with one of the best old shrines in Japan, we challenge various confrontations under the name of “a journey to raise the game luck”. This time as well, we will introduce the famous dishes and sightseeing spots along the way that were popular last time, and show off our charms of the four people full of private feelings.

In addition, a new corner “Learning Road” has started in the program. In this project, OWV members offer to professionals that they want to meet in order to learn the skills necessary to run up to the top. Will that person come? What can you tell the members?

In addition, the “OWV News” corner will continue from the previous season. We will also deliver a behind-the-scenes look at their activities, which can only be seen here, including the OWV MV shooting site, so please look forward to it.

■ Program information
“OWV Road Two” (5 episodes in total)
January 26, 2021 (Tuesday) 21:00 delivery start * Updated every Tuesday at 21:00

Performers: OWV (Kosuke Honda, Masaru Nakagawa, Shuta Urano, Fumiya Sano)

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