“The Glory” Look out for actresses who have made a splash with their bad girl roles!

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There have been villains who not only make the main characters shine in dramas but also show off their attractiveness just by their presence. These are wicked women who are loved for their outstanding acting and visuals. In some cases, the rare villainess role has led to the rediscovery of actresses.
Here is a compilation of Korean bad girls who have recently created a boom.

The role of Yong Min-jung, played by Lee Yu-ri in MBC drama “Come! Jang Bo Ri” broadcasted in Korea in 2014, is still the best villain who is still talked about. She was a villainous person who angered her viewers with her evil deeds by any means.

She appeared on a variety show and said, “I did so many bad things as Yong Min-jung during the filming. I never once told the truth,” she said, drawing laughter. In an interview with OSEN saying “When I read the script, there were a lot of words such as sarcasm, ridicule, and intimidation (expression of emotion).” I studied this from various directions,” she explained and talked about the efforts she made to create the role.

Kim So-yeon: Acting as Cheon Seo-Jin in SBS’ “Penthouse”

In SBS’s “Penthouse,” which aired in Korea in 2020 and 2021, Cheon Seo-Jin, shocked the audience by showing several unexpected turns in her diabolical behavior.

Kim So-yeon, who played the role of Cheon Seo-Jin, has tried to become a villain for the first time in about 20 years since the drama “All About Eve.” Her charismatic eyes and intense performance created a “wicked woman boom.” She is one of the most impressive characters of her career as an actress.

She has worked hard in every aspect of her role, from acting to fashion and visuals, and has created a wide variety of highlights.

She played the role of a villain twice in her life, and many people say to her “You certainly have played many villains.” which shows how strong her presence was.

She also has an angelic personality in her daily life, the opposite of Cheon Seo-Jin. Many people talk about her kind nature.

Lim Ji-yeon: Netflix “The Glory ~Glorious Revenge~” as Park Yeon-jin

The bad girl who opened the curtain on the year 2023 can be said to be Park Yeon-jin. amid the expanding influence of OTT (video streaming services), the Netflix original series “The Glory: Part 2” became a worldwide sensation, and Park Yeon-jin was a different bully from the two aforementioned characters. Park Yeon-jin drew the ire of viewers as a bullying leader, which is different from the two aforementioned characters.

Park Yeon-jin is the one who has been leading the violence against the main character (Song Hye-kyo) since she was a student. Born into a wealthy family, she has lived her life as she pleases and bullies with impunity. Without being punished or having a record of her violence, she torments her opponents terribly, causing them anger and grief. She had lived a good life, but after being avenged by Song Hye Kyo, she loses more and more of her reason and goes berserk. Still, she is an evil woman who shows no remorse and is impossible to sympathize with.
Actress Lim Ji-yeon, who played Park Yeon-jin, showed an overwhelming presence as an actress. From her every line and gesture to her smiling face, she masterfully played the role of a villain so loathsome that it gave her goosebumps.
Part 2, which was released on the 10th of this month, is also attracting a lot of attention.

Shin Ye-Eun: Netflix “The Glory ~Part 2~” as Park Young Jin (Student)

Lim Ji-yeon in “The Glory: Part 2,” the actress who garnered the most attention was Shin Ye-eun, who played her student days. She added to the immersion in the early stages of the drama.

In the play, she played the scene where she torments Park Young-jin more directly than Lim Ji-yeon. She is wealthy and beautiful, but she is also a bit of a bitch to people.

Wealthy and beautiful, but lacking in consideration and empathy, she was born from Shin Ye-eun’s bright and lovely visuals; loved for her purity since the 2018 web drama “A-Teen,” she showed a completely different vibe from what she has shown in the past.

She has appeared in various productions and has suffered from low ratings, and in one interview, she said, “I feel like I did everything wrong,” adding, “It’s fine if I’m the only one affected, but if everyone gets these results, it’s hard to think, ‘Is it my fault?’ I just want to do better. I just want to do better. The Glory” is a film that shows the true value of Shin Ye-eun’s experience of such a troubled time.

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