The greatest joy for actor Joong Son-il, from “The Glory”?

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Actor Jung Sung-Il’s photoshoot has been released.

Jung Sung-Il, who gained popularity for his role as Ha Do-Yeong in the Netflix series “The Glory”, graces the cover of the March issue of Arena Homme+.

Jung Sung-Il gained attention for his portrayal of the “nice bastard” Ha Do-Yeong in “The Glory. When asked how he felt about gaining popularity, Jung Sung-Il answered, “I was very happy that people who don’t usually watch theater came to see my performance.”

Actor Jung Sun-il showed consideration for his co-stars on set. He also displayed a humble attitude during the interview, saying “I’m trying to move on and forget about ‘The Glory.'” When asked what his biggest honor as an actor is, he replied, “Being called a great actor or a really talented actor is the biggest honor for an actor.”

Recently, his difficult childhood home environment, which he revealed on the talk show “Yu Quiz On The Block,” has become a topic of discussion. He said, “It’s not something to be ashamed of, it’s just the way the environment was. Many people didn’t know that I grew up that way when I became an adult. I told the director (about my environment) because if I don’t say that I don’t know something, I won’t get an answer and I won’t be able to improve. I don’t like pretending to know something that I don’t. Not knowing something isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

He directly mentioned the name of his high school teacher. “That teacher really took care of us so that no one would be eliminated and never tired. They took more care of me because my home environment wasn’t very good. That teacher is my benefactor. It’s been more than 20 years since I graduated from high school, but we still keep in touch and meet when I go to Daegu. He was a righteous teacher who really loved children and dedicatedly guided me. Seo Song-hee teacher guided me devotedly,” he revealed.

On the other hand, it is said that Jung Son-il is an active person who likes hip-hop and audition programs. The “God makes no mistakes” on Jung Son-il’s SNS profile was taken from rapper BewhY’s lyrics. He said, “I love ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY.’ I’ve watched all of ‘STREET WOMAN FIGHTER,’ ‘STREET MAN FIGHTER,’ ‘PHANTOM SINGER,’ and ‘SUPER BAND.’ I like both music and dance.”

Jung Son-il’s ZEGNA cover gravure and interview, in which he participated in shooting, will be featured in Arena Homme+ March issue.

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