The mystery variety show “Crime Scene” is making a comeback after about 6 years!

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“Crime Scene,” which has received numerous requests from fans for the production of the next season, is finally coming back with a new season.

Produced by Studio Slam, the only entertainment label of SLL, “Crime Scene” is a popular mystery variety show where the cast members become suspects or detectives and use their acting skills, intellect, and psychological warfare to solve murder cases with a unique concept of role-playing game (RPG) that captivates both suspense and fun.

Since its Season 3 broadcast in Korea in 2017, the show has been listed as one of the programs that viewers still want to see even after six years have passed. At the time of its broadcast, “Crime Scene” opened a new chapter in the genre of mystery variety shows with its innovative concepts, meticulous planning, and engaging storyline.

Although the long preparation period for the program posed difficulties in producing the next season, the recent revitalization of various online video services (OTT) has resulted in the re-evaluation of “Crime Scene” as an optimal OTT content, leading to numerous production requests. Currently, discussions with TVING are underway.

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