The winner of the survival show “KINGDOM” is Stray Kids… Fans from all over the world went crazy for the new song stage and special unit.

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Mnet’s “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR,” which aired live on June 3, finally held its final competition, and the winning group was announced.

K-POP boy groups BTOB, iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ performed in the survival program “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”. The show is hosted by Fans from all over the world have been cheering enthusiastically for this battle, the biggest in K-POP history, with TVXQ serving as the MC.

In the past broadcasts, the six groups have performed over 30 stages, starting with a 100-second performance at their first meeting, followed by a first-round competition with the theme “TO THE WORLD,” a second-round competition with “RE-BORN,” in which two groups sang each other’s songs to create a new song, and a third-round competition with “NO LIMIT,” which has no limits. The six groups have performed more than 30 stages. In addition to the evaluation scores of the past stages and sound sources, the global evaluation by fan votes from the viewers was conducted during the live broadcast of the final competition on this day, and the overall ranking was decided.

In the final competition, which was held under the theme “Who is the King,” each group performed their new songs that they had prepared for the day.

ATEEZ, the first group to perform, gave a unique performance with “The Real,” a song with lyrics written by leader Hongjoong, which showed the gap between passion and humility, and got the audience excited from the very first song.

Stray Kids performed “WOLFGANG,” which was produced by the group’s production team, 3RACHA’s Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. With this song, which means “a pack of wolves playing music,” they overwhelmed the audience with a powerful stage performance that upgraded the wolves they showed at the first meeting ceremony.

THE BOYZ, who won the “Road to Kingdom” broadcast in 2020 and obtained the right to appear on this program, expressed “heaven” spreading out in front of them after a long and painful night with “KINGDOM COME”. They drew the audience’s attention with their unrestrained group dance in a set that changed one after another with fire and water.

BTOB, the most senior of the six groups and in their 10th year of debut, invited the audience into their own world with “Show And Prove,” which Minhyuk produced. The audience was in awe of his powerful voice and majestic performance.

iKON’s “At ease,” written and composed by WINNER’s Song Min-ho, expressed a paradoxical message to those who are tired of boring daily life and pressure to relax and rest freely. With their fun performance, they showed a hip-hop style that no one can imitate.

SF9 performed “Believer,” a song that tells the story of a man who survives the darkness through the trust and faith placed in him. Throughout “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR,” they faced their problems as musicians and artists, but on the final stage, SF9 captivated the audience with their unique artistic performance.

In addition, in the stage of the new song “Boy’s Diary” by the specially formed unit “King’s Voice,” the six members of the group, Eunkwang (BTOB), Donghyuk (iKON), Inseong (SF9), Hyunjae (THE BOYZ), Seungmin (Stray Kids), and Jongho (ATEEZ), impressed the audience with their outstanding singing ability.

After the final competition in which each group showed off their charm to the fullest, Stray Kids won first place in the ranking based on the total of 1,303,798 global evaluations voted by fans during the live broadcast, and was crowned the champion of “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”.


1:Stray Kids(38873.040点)

2:THE BOYZ(23963.497点)





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