“TO1”, whom changed their name from TOO, released their new song “Son of Beast” MV… Watch their sharp performance!

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TO1 has announced a new leap forward.

At 6 p.m. on May 20, TO1 released their first mini-album “RE:BORN” and the music video for the title track “Son of Beast” through various music distribution sites.

TO1 changed their group name from TOO on March, signaling a new beginning. The new group name, TO1, means “TOgether as 1,” which means “we exist as one.” The members’ individual personalities, which had been hidden in each member, were shown in a strong way, and the meaning of the new name was “TO1 will be united as one.

TO1 comeback with new aspirations, TO1’s first mini-album “RE:BORN” is an album that expresses the musical identity of TO1 and the message of youth to leap towards a new tomorrow.

The title track “Son of Beast” is a pop dance genre song with a base of R & B colors and groovy, clear theme hip-hop rhythms, and their constant will to challenge. Sensual and addictive sound, TO1’s powerful Karu dance (perfectly matched from the angle of bending the body to the tips of the fingers, sharp dance like a blade), plus a more powerful performance is expected to attract fans around the world.

In addition, the music video was released at the same time, the sensational image of a sports car and the members of the powerful Cal dance and sporty charm is packed.

In this way, the new song “Son of Beast” sang a firm will and vow, and expectations are high for the future activities of TO1.


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