TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, introduced as the hottest K-POP idols by US Grammy!

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As K-pop is showing remarkable success in the global music market, HYBE’s TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN, who are leading the fourth generation of idols, have been named as “Rising Artists” by the Grammy Awards.”

On the 30th of last month (local time), the Grammy posted an article titled “5 Rising Korean Artists To Know” on its official website.

Grammy introduced Korea as the center of popular culture, saying that K-pop groups have become impossible to ignore due to their passionate fandom, overwhelming influence on social media, addictive hooks and melodies, and eye-catching visuals. The Grammy also highlighted BTS’s nomination for the 2021 GRAMMY AWARDS, and named TOMORROW X, TOGETHER and ENHYPEN as K-POP “Rising Artists” to watch. 

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, which released its second full-length album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” on May 31, announced its highest-ever comeback, selling more than 700,000 copies (as of May 30) in advance orders alone. TOMORROW X TOGETHER has been performing various genres of music since their debut, and the members are now involved in the production and writing of their songs. . Their music is poetic and has gained the sympathy of the Z generation. They have graced the covers of magazines such as Elite Daily and Teen Vogue.”

They continued, “With their second full-length album, Tomorrow X Together will mark a new era in their music careers and attract the attention of many people. Their overwhelming ability to draw sympathy from a wide range of listeners and deal with fascinating themes qualifies them for worldwide success.”

The Grammy also introduced ENHYPEN, whose incredible growth in music and album sales has earned them the nickname “record breakers.” The Grammy noted that ENHYPEN had been particularly impressive among the newcomers debuting in 2020, saying, “Without a doubt, they are one of the most promising groups in the K-pop market these days. The group is gaining popularity for its elaborate storytelling, stable vocals, and eye-catching dance moves.

They also added an explanation of their album “BORDER: CARNIVAL,” which was released on April 26 and has had great success in Korea, the U.S., and Japan. Grammy said, “Through their new album, ENHYPEN has continued to present a ‘self-reflective worldview that becomes more complex and interesting as time goes on,'” adding, “Called ‘monster rookies,’ they have no prospect of slowing down (their growth). and  “As they are called ‘monster rookies,’ there is no prospect of them slowing down.

ENHYPEN, who recently completed a successful comeback with their second mini-album “BORDER: CARNIVAL,” is showing the most remarkable growth among the fourth generation of K-pop idols. On July 6, ENHYPEN will release their debut single “Border: Hakanai” in Japan and enter the international market. ENHYPEN’s debut single “Border: Hakanai” will be released in Japan on July 6th, and they will enter the international market. There is a lot of interest to see what kind of records they will achieve in the future.

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