TOMORROW X TOGETHER releases 2nd full album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” concept trailer

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) has entered the countdown for their comeback.

On the 11th, TOMORROW X TOGETHER released the concept trailer of their 2nd full album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” through their official SNS.

The released video begins with the comment “Fight, flight or FREEZE”. The video shows the members enjoying an arcade game together, and when Beomgyu notices a snowball flying from somewhere, he looks back, but doesn’t see anything. Soobin is about to insert coins with the message, “Game over,” when he is surprised to see that the coin slot is frozen.

The screen then changes to show the five members fleeing from the space where everything is frozen, and they struggle to avoid the flying ice attacks. They continue to flee, leaving Yeonjun trapped in a large ice cube. The five of them then gather again and try to avoid the ice by breaking it again.

Yeonjun jumps and crushes the huge block of ice flying towards them with his fist, but it’s not strong enough, and the members end up sitting on the floor, frozen. The video ended with a silhouette of a girl and a bright light shining on the members as they melted.

The harmony between their performance and the music left a lasting impression, and the dynamic way the members were able to cut through the ice attack caught our attentions. The performance utilizing the jacket has also received an explosive response from fans.

Their second full-length album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” will be released on the 31st.

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