TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s 2nd full album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” pre-orders exceeded 520,000 copies! new personal record

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The number of pre-orders for TOMORROW X TOGETHERs new albumChapter of Chaos: FREEZE, which will be released on the 31st, has surpassed 520,000, heralding a legendary like comeback.

On the 6th, according to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s album distribution company, YG PLUS, the number of pre-orders for their second full album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” exceeded 520,000 as of the 5th.

This figure is based on the total number of pre-orders in Korea and abroad during the six days from April 30, when pre-orders began, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) broke their own record for the number of album pre-orders, raising expectations for the new album.

In particular, their third mini-album “Minisode1: Blue Hour” released in October last year surpassed 300,000 pre-orders in about two weeks, but this time they achieved the feat of reaching “half a million” in less than a week. TOMORROW X TOGETHER broke their own record at a much faster pace than previous albums, and are showing off their side as a “representative of the fourth generation of idols.

On the 31st, TOMORROW X TOGETHER will release their second full-length album, “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE,” and on the 11th, they will release a concept trailer to boost the atmosphere of their comeback.

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