TRENDZ Releases Music Video for Title Track ‘NEW DAYZ’

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“Photo: Captured from the ‘NEW DAYZ’ Music Video”

TRENDZ made their comeback today (15th) with their 2nd single, “BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ”. This work represents the final chapter of the “BLUE SET” world view that TRENDZ has continued since their debut. It depicts a journey of a boy who returned to the real world alone and saved the boys he met in an unknown space. With this single, TRENDZ expresses their intention to denounce social problems and confront them.

The music video for the title track “NEW DAYZ” was released in advance on the 14th. In the music video, the members are attacked by a group of people wearing black clothes and masks, but are eventually saved by their friends. Despite their injuries, they show bright smiles and playfulness with their friends, conveying a message of hope.

In addition to “NEW DAYZ”, the 2nd single also includes two other songs, “Nightmare” and “Fantasy”.

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