TRI․BE’s title song “RUB-A-DUM” MV has been played more than 10 million times!

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TRI․BE is showing excellent growth.

On the 28th, the music video of “RUB-A-DUM,” the title song of their second single “CONMIGO,” has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube.

The music video for “RUB-A-DUM,” which was released on the 18th of this month, has been steadily increasing in views, reaching over 7 million views within a week of its release.

The girls have recently been performing the song on stage through music programs and various contents. Co-produced by Shinsadong Tiger (S.TIGER) and EXID’s LE, “Rub-A-Dum” is an impressive song with an addictive melody and energetic drum sound from the beginning. It contains the charm of young but majestic TRI․BE

In particular, the concept of a powerful performance in harmony with the cool sound is getting a good response. The members of the group performed a refreshing kal-group dance (a dance that perfectly matches the angle of the body bending to the fingertips and is as sharp as a blade) and unique facial expressions, and showed the choreography points of “fan dance” and finger choreography using the catchphrase “gather here, here, here”, adding to the fun of watching the stage. It adds to the fun of watching.

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