“True Beauty” Hwang In-yeop “The work of an actor … I want to work harder”


Actor Hwang In-yeop, who has emerged as a “rising star,” showed off his new charm in the magazine’s Cosmopolitan shoot.

Hwang In-yeop, who starred for the first time in the tvN Mizuki drama “True Beauty” being broadcast in South Korea, showed off a cool and stylish atmosphere in the photo shoot of the January issue of  fashion magazine “COSMOPOLITAN”.

In the photo released, Hwang In-yeop took off his uniform (in the drama), boasting deep eyes and sharp chin line gently staring at the front, creating a cool atmosphere and creating an idol atmosphere that perfectly matches the intense red tone background.

In other shots, a white shirt on the cap, a tie and wide pants on the jacket complemented his sharp and dandy appeal. Using a unique paper bag with his own face printed on it as a prop, the unique charm that expresses the sensibility of a knit that seems to be warm with his eyes closed made the fans excited. Hwang In-yeop showed delicate eyes and poses for each cut, and completed the shoot with the aura unique to the model.

In the interview, he commented on the part of his efforts to play the character: “It’s important for me to be satisfied, but I think it’s most important to satisfy everyone. Such efforts are, of course, I think it should be done, and that’s how much love I have for the character Han Seo-joon. ”He emphasized his special love for the character.

He also said, “I’m really happy that I can do what I want to do even if I don’t sleep well. I’m not so tired at this moment. I’m a little late to debut, but I can do the work of the actor I wanted to be. I have to work harder and harder. This moment is always important now, “he said, commenting on his current hard schedule.

In response to the question, “What qualifier would you like to have in the name Hwang In-yeop after a while after the work is finished?”, “I’m an expected actor. While watching, he says, “It seems that Mr. XX will appear in this work. I have to see this for the time being”, but if I can become an actor who is respected and trusted by people, I would be more than happy. I think, “It looks like Hwang In-yeop will come out. I hope the time will come when people will say,” I’m looking forward to it. “

Following being called a scene stiller in the appearance of the JTBC drama “18 Again”, Hwang In-yeop played the leading role of Han Seo-joon in “The Advent of the Goddess” and is popular for his charm with a cool side and a gentle side. In response, it he attracting attention as a next-generation star, and expectations are high for future success.

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