TWICE Jihyo releases solo performance video following Momo… showing off her powerful dance moves with bare feet

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Photo=JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s Jihyo’s solo performance video has been released.

JYP Entertainment released Jihyo’s solo performance video “JIHYO PERFORMANCE PROJECT “Crown (Camila Cabello & Grey)” Cover by JIHYO” through TWICE’s official YouTube channel at midnight on May 19.

Jihyo sang her own song, “Crown” by Camila Cabello & Grey, and gave an intense barefoot performance to it. In the fantastic atmosphere, she overwhelmed the eyes with her strong warrior-like gaze, and the gorgeous dance she performed with the dancers was like watching a musical.

The video showed Ji Hyo’s outstanding vocals and performance skills, and immediately after its release, it ranked high on YouTube trends in 24 regions around the world, including the U.S. and Brazil, and was ranked third on the worldwide trends. As of 7 a.m. on the 20th, the day after it was released, it had 3.02 million views on YouTube, making it a hot topic.

The “Performance Project” is a part of the “Melody Project”, which is a self-produced content that showcases the individuality and growth of each member of TWICE, and Jihyo showed a new side of herself as the second main character of the project, following Momo, and brought special fun to ONCE (the name of the fans) in Korea and abroad.

TWICE is actively communicating with their fans through their carefully crafted self-produced content, bringing them closer together. Momo boasted her sexy charisma in the “Performance Project,” while Nayeon presented a lovely carol song on Christmas Eve. Dahyun sang the title track of her 8th mini album, “Feel Special,” while playing the piano to deliver a special emotion.

TWICE’s music video for their 5th single “Breakthrough”, which was released in July 2019 in Japan, surpassed 100 million views on the 15th, making it their 17th music video in total. This is the 17th record in total. This surpassed the previous record of 16 held by Little Mix, a British girl group with three members, and made them the most music videos with over 100 million views among all girl groups in the world.

On June 11, they will release their new mini-album “Taste of Love,” their first comeback in about eight months. The title song is a captivating song that completes the beauty of the nine members, and the sound source and music video of the title song will be released two days before the release, at 6 p.m. on June 9, to heighten the atmosphere of the comeback. TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM will be released in Japan on July 28. With the title song of the same name, “Perfect World,” they will deliver the message that they will not be upset and will stand tall even in turbulent situations.

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