TWICE participates in Japan’s 7th single “BETTER” release commemorative event with 400,000 people! “We are one”

Asia’s No. 1 strongest girl group TWICE has the meaning of “attractive with good music and twice with wonderful performance”.

TWICE, who released their 7th Japanese single “BETTER” on November 18, held a release commemorative event on YouTube LIVE from 20:00 on the day of release, live worldwide.

The full performance of “BETTER” and the coupling “Scorpion” will be unveiled for the first time, and the inside story such as music production will be developed!

First of all, everyone started by introducing themselves with a shout of “One in a million Good evening ~ TWICE!”!

Sana said, “Yes, everyone! You know what day it is today? It’s the release date of TWICE’s 7th Japanese single” BETTER “! Today is on YouTube LIVE to commemorate the release of” BETTER “. We will deliver a live release commemoration! Is everyone on the other side of the screen excited ?? ”

Momo said, “Today, I will talk about the new song” BETTER “and perform the performance of” BETTER “and the song” Scorpion “recorded in the coupling for the first time, so please look forward to it. ! ”

Mina said, “And in the latter half of the program, we have a section called” Tell me more TWICE “to answer questions from viewers! On Twitter, add” #BETTER_Tell me more TWICE “to us. Please post what you want to ask and participate in the project! TWICE may answer your question! So today, everyone! Let’s enjoy together until the end! ”

Tzuyu said, “I’m excited! Let’s enjoy ONCE together!” The members talked about the live broadcast. Regarding the feelings of the release date, Dahyun said, “We have been preparing the ‘BETTER’ album while shooting jackets and music videos from August and September, but finally! It’s a little refreshing to release today!

When Sana asked, “Who does Nayeon want to meet now?” To the concept of not being able to meet even if she wants to meet, Nayeon says, “ONCE ~! I want to meet ONCE. ( fan name of the group )” All the members nodded to the answer that they wanted to meet their fans first

While talking about what to look for in “BETTER” and about shooting jackets, Dahyun said in the music video secret story, “Don’t blink so that I look like a real picture in the rap part. I remember shooting while thinking that the situation was interesting and sad to put up with laughter, even though I should never move. ” After that, the first public “BETTER” performance video will be shown on YouTube LIVE!

In addition, Mina and Sana gave exactly the same answer to this question. Sana reiterated the importance of having nine people, saying, “TWICE is one!”

At this release commemorative event, the coupling “Scorpion” will also be unveiled for the first time!

“Scorpion” was unveiled live for the first time, and the live streaming ended. This YouTube LIVE performance is still available in the archive.

It was a night where I was able to connect with fans all over the world who I couldn’t meet even if I wanted to meet online.

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