VICTON on the cover of “Ten Star” magazine, “This year’s goal is …”

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Photo = “TEN STAR”

VICTON Lim Se-jun, Do Han-se, and Choi Byung-chan are on the cover of the February 2021 issue of comprehensive entertainment magazine “TEN STAR”.

In the gravure shot with the concept being of “retro VICTON”, the three people giving off the retro style of the 1970s and 1980s brilliantly with “three people and three colors”. Lim Se-jun is proud of his heartwarming charisma that blows away the cold waves, Do Han-se is proud of his cool appearance, and Choi Byung-chan is proud of his Nomsabyeok (unbreakable wall) visual.

After their debut, they released their first full-length album, “we were also worried while preparing, but it was fun. It was our first full-length album, so we are excited, and we thought that ALICE (official fan club) could show various appearances. Expectations were high, “he said.” In the past, most of the songs were vague and sensuous, but this time we have developed them further to emphasize the performance and the sound has become more intense. “

VICTON’s 1st full-length album “VOICE: The future is now” has the meaning of living the dreamlike reality we wanted now that time has passed. What is the “dream” they have long wanted?

To quote Han Seung-woo once said, “It’s the most basic, but my dream is the stage. The dream of being a singer started with the desire to stand on the stage and show my talent to someone cool.” But that’s right, especially Han Seung-wooo, who misses the stage and has a strong feeling for the stage. Like when he made his debut, he always lives with a passion for the stage. “

The 4th anniversary of his debut has passed, and he has entered the 6th year before he knew it. Lim Se-jun said that he would feel the passage of time while watching the fans. He said, “Fans are getting older with us. When I heard that fans who were preparing to go to college have graduated and are going to have a job interview,” Oh, really time. I think it’s passed. “

In addition, Lim Se-jun said, “In the past, fans said that they were” good, “” cute, “and” proud, “but after a while, they said that they were” professional. “” I’m happy to hear the words, but on the other hand, I’ve come to think that I really have to be good at it and that I shouldn’t make mistakes. If I can overcome this well, I think I can afford more.”

The three cited “that being number 1 on the music charts” as a goal that VICTON wants to achieve this year. Lim Se-jun said, “Because the members take good care of the stage, if you do it with confidence, many people will see it and you will be able to achieve good results. Steadily and hard to do what you have been assigned. If we do that, I think we will soon be the number one and grow even more. “

You can check the photo shoot, behind the scenes story, and interviews that include the charms of the three people in the February issue of “TEN STAR”.

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