VIXX Ravi releases preview image of his 4th mini album “ROSES” … intense atmosphere

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VIXX Ravi’s preview images have been released as he prepares for his comeback.

On the 29th, GROOVL1N released two preview images on their official SNS, showing the concept of Ravi’s 4th mini album “ROSES”.

In the released images, you can see Ravi wearing a blue-colored striped patterned set-up that contradicts the red background. He hides his face with a rose, which is the symbol of his new album “ROSES”, giving off a dreamy atmosphere and tickling our curiosity.

In the other image, he shows off his chic eyes among the red roses which eft a strong impression and raised expectations for a comeback.

Ravi’s 4th mini-album ‘ROSES’ is an album that expresses the feelings of love through sensual lyrics and sound in a variety of ways, you can see the musical growth of Ravi became more diverse.

Ravi’s fourth mini-album ‘ROSES’ will be released on June 3 at 6 p.m. on music distribution sites.

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