Wanna One native Ha Sung Woon & Kang Ho Dong and others appear, variety “We Play” Japan’s first broadcast on KNTV from March

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(C) skyTV All rights reserved

It has been decided that the new variety “We Play” will be broadcasted on KNTV for the first time in Japan from March.

“We Play” is a new type of action-adventure variety that realizes the game in the real world. Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun and other talented comedians and Wanna One’s Ha Sung-woon will appear regularly. A very popular show that won the 1st place in the TV topic ranking in Korea and also broadcasted Season 2. As guests, seasonal idols such as NCT’s Mark, Taeyeon, and Jaehyun made a colorful appearances every week.

In addition, “I will accept orders!”, In which actor Joo Sang-wook appeared in the variety show which will be broadcasted for the first time in Japan. To open up a shop on the beach and offer seafood caught by himself and guests which they struggle to catch and cook. Together with young actors such as Yang Kyung Won and Yoo Su Bin, whom attracts attention by being in the North Korean military on the show “Crash Landing on You”.


■ Broadcast information
“We Play!”
Japan’s first broadcast will start on March 5th (Friday)! Weekly (Friday) midnight 0:00 to midnight 1:15 and 12 other times / (C) skyTV All rights reserved

MC: Kang Ho-dong, Ha Sung-woon from Wanna One, Lee Soo-geun, Haha, Jung-hyuk, Din Din
【The guests】
Episode 2: NCT Mark, Episode 3: NCT Taeyeon & Jaehyun, Episode 4: Moon Se-yoon & Hong Hyoni, Episode 6: Kim Jung-min & Kim Dong-hyun, Episode 10: Cosmic Girls & Yoon Hyeong-bin & Lee Dong-jun, Episode 12: Yoon Min-sang & Lee Se-yoon & Kim Kyung-jin & Park Song-wan and others

“I will take an order!”
March 9th to March 30th Weekly (Tuesday) midnight 0:00 to 1:45 and other first broadcasts in Japan 4 times / (C) MBC PLUS

Starring: Joo Sang Wook, Jae Yoon Jo, Yang Kyung Won, Yoo Su Bin Guest: Na Tae Ju, No Ji Hoon, Yang Ji Won

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