Wanna One’s Ong Seong-wu will appear in the new drama “How About a Cup of Coffee?”

Photo=Kakao Entertainment

Ong Seong-wu from Wanna One has decided on his next project.

Today (March 26), Kakao Entertainment announced that “Ohn Sung Woo has been cast as the passionate newcomer Kang Go Bi in the Kakao TV original drama “How About a Cup of Coffee?” 

In the drama, Kang Go-bi, a rookie barista who entered the world of coffee with pure passion, becomes an apprentice of coffee master Park Seok and learns about coffee and people. The story is based on a comic book of the same title drawn by artist Huh Young-man to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his debut, and the film will incorporate the warm and soothing sensibility of the original story, including the deep knowledge of coffee from bean selection to roasting and brewing, as well as the analog sensibility of coffee.

Kang Go-bi, a barista with pure passion is aperson who is fascinated by the allure of coffee and, without any plan, visits the cafe “2 Great Coffee” run by coffee artisan Park Seok and wants to become his apprentice. Kang Go-bi becomes Park Sook’s official apprentice and is introduced to the world of coffee in earnest. Under Park Sook’s guidance, Kang Go-bi steadily grows into the best barista while repeatedly making mistakes but meeting and bumping into various lives through coffee and giving comfort to them.

Through his appearances in dramas such as “At Eighteen” and “More Than Friends,” he has been recognized not only for his singing and dancing, but also for his acting skills, and has been called “the next generation of young actors” and “a promising star in romantic dramas. This time, he will change his image once again with a humanistic drama. He will show a more mature performance as Kang Go-bi, a character who grows up learning how to understand and comfort others through coffee.

He has charmed viewers by playing characters with his own unique charm in various works, from a naive high school student to a stylish photographer, and he plans to expand his acting range and solidify his position as an actor by playing the role of Kang Go-bi with a different charm this time.

On Sung-woo said, “I am very honored to be cast in a drama based on the works of Huh Young-man, a painter I have always loved, and I am very excited. I’m very honored to be cast in a drama based on my favorite artist’s work. Please look forward to it,” he said.

“How About a Cup of Coffee?” is a 25-minute mid-form drama.

The 12-episode drama will begin filming in June after casting is completed in the first half of the year, and will be released on Kakao TV by the end of the year.

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