WEi, 3rd mini album “IDENTITY : Action” TEASER IMAGE

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Photo=OUI Entertainment

WEi has unveiled a bold image change.

On the 25th, WEi released a preview image of their 3rd mini album “IDENTITY : Action” through their official SNS.

The preview image shows the six members of WEi staring at the camera in a gorgeous space. They are wearing costumes with silky materials and pastel colors, giving them a soft atmosphere and showing their strong charisma.

Unlike the previously released trailer, which drew the eye with its variety of colors and WEi’s firm and mature male charm, the preview image was released with a calm atmosphere, raising expectations for an attractive gap.

The third mini album “IDENTITY : Action” is the last series of “IDENTITY”. They debuted last October with “IDENTITY : First Sight” and released “IDENTITY : Challenge” in February this year, showing the passion and vigor of young people taking on challenges.

The group’s charisma, spectacular performances, and ability to produce their own music have transformed them from a “monster newcomer” to a “complete idol. and fans all over the world are interested in the growth that WEI will show in “IDENTITY: Action”, the last series of the “IDENTITY” trilogy.

IDENTITY : Action” will be released on June 9th at 6pm.

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