WEi releases 3rd mini album “IDENTITY: Action” highlight medley… 5 songs of various genres.

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Photo=WE Entertainment

A part of WEi’s new album has been unveiled.

Today (3rd) at midnight, the highlight medley video of their 3rd mini album “IDENTITY : Action” was released through their official SNS.

The video contains highlights of five songs, including the title track “BYE BYE BYE”, “White Light”, “Waitin'”, “OCEAN”, and “16th Star”. Along with this, fresh, cool, and gorgeous concept photos were released, capturing the attention of fans around the world.

The title track “BYE BYE BYE” is an impressive song with a cool atmospheric beat and an addictive hook melody. The song expresses the desire to do what one wants to do, escaping from numerous worries and restraints. In particular, the members Jang Dae-hyeon, Yoo Yong-ha, and Kim Yo-han participated in the making of the rap.

In addition, the song “White Light” expresses the feeling of wanting to give everything you have to the person you love, “Waitin” is a seductive song about seducing the person you love, “OCEAN” has a fast beat and a refreshing atmosphere, and “16th Star” was written, composed, and arranged by Jang Dae Hyun and Kang Seok Hwa.

IDENTITY: Action” is the finale of the three-part series “IDENTITY”. After debuting in the music industry with “IDENTITY: First Sight” last October, they showed their youthful challenge with “IDENTITY: Challenge” in February this year, and they are planning to show more mature music with this album.

Their third mini-album, “IDENTITY : Action,” will be released at 6 p.m. on the 9th of this month.

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