WEi will make a comeback on February 24th with their 2nd mini album “IDENTITY: Challenge”! Notice image released

Photo = WE Entertainment

WEi is back with a new mini album.

The agency WE Entertainment announced today (7th) that “WEi will release their 2nd mini album” IDENTITY: Challenge “at 6 pm on the 24th.”

This album is their second album release in four months since their debut album “IDENTITY: First Sight” was released in October last year, and is the second act of the “IDENTITY” series that conveys WEi’s identity. If the members of WEi show their youthful passion to work together like fate through the 1st album, “IDENTITY: Challenge” depicts the process of overcoming challenges and making WEi one.

WEi officialized the comeback by releasing a preview image with the album name and release date of “IDENTITY: Challenge” through their official SNS account at midnight.

The released image includes six members staring at the camera while exuding visuals and charisma. There are six microphones in front of them, and the concept of the new album is also attracting attention.

WEi, who showed a strong presence from the start with a splendid group dance and a highly complete debut album, fascinates the hearts of fans with further upgraded music and performance through the new mini album “IDENTITY: Challenge”.

WEi’s 2nd mini-album “IDENTITY: Challenge” will be released on 24th at 6pm through various online music distribution sites.

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