Why BigHit (HYBE) is selling egg tarts at their museum HYBE INSIGHT

Sweet tooth, bread PD.

The reason why egg tarts are sold at HYBE INSIGHT is a hot topic.

At HYBE INSIGHT, the museum of HYBE (formerly BigHit) that opened in its new building on the 14th, there is talk about the existence of an original “egg tart” developed in collaboration with the popular cafe PARIS CROISSANT that is sold alongside the artist goods.

The egg tarts have been so popular since the first day that they are reportedly sold out, but why are they being sold? As for why the “egg tarts” are being sold, the past statements of Bang Si-hyuk , the CEO of BTS, have been attracting attention again.

If BTS had failed, would “BigHit” have been an egg tart shop by now?

Love to eat, “egg tart” named after Pan PD

Pan PD is very particular about “food” to the extent that his hobby is “walking around eating,” and he also loves sweets, and the article shows him eating a cake with BTS members.

If Bangtan (BTS) doesn’t sell well, I’ll open an egg tart shop.

As a result, BTS has grown into a worldwide group, and although they couldn’t have an “egg tart” shop, they made their dream come true at the sales section of the museum.

Pan PD, who loves eating and sweets, even added his own name, Bang & Baker’s, to the egg tart, and fans are saying, “I want to try it! The taste of the egg tart has been attracting a lot of attention, making it a must-try when visiting HYBE INSIGHT.

I like sweets.
Egg tart sold out

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