Why did Tony Yu from “Produce X 101” suddenly drop out of the Chinese version of “Youth With You Season 3” right before the finals (even though he was in first place?)

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He was sure to make his debut with a string of first place finishes, but why?

Last week, the third season of the Chinese version of “Produce 101,” also known as “Chuang 2021” , “Produce Camp 2021”, ended with the announcement that 11 members, including three Japanese and two from Thailand, would be making their debut in the new boy group “INTO1.


In the midst of all this, it has become a topic of conversation that Tony Yu, the former “Produce X 101” contestant now competing in a similar show titled “Youth With You – Season 3” whom was voted No. 1 consistently was even said to be “sure to be the center of the debut group,” dropped out of the show himself just before the finals (3 days before the broadcast), citinghealth issues, but It is said that the reason behind this was the problem of the black business of his parents and the false profile problem.

Problems with parents’ business, false profile

Tony Yu, b. 2002 (Nationality) Canada and China 

The first reason for Tony’s demotion was first raised on the Internet: his parents’ business problems.

Tony’s parents run a company that provides drugs and sexual services. (KTV Bar which they have claimed to have sold in 2005)

Although this rumor was raised and immediately denied by Tony’s mother, the evidence spread further after that. Finally, the authorities in charge of broadcasting in China took action, and the situation almost developed into a situation where the broadcast of “Youth With You – Season 3” was suspended, but as a result, Tony dropped out of the program and it is said that the investigation was put to rest.

The issue of nationality was also raised, as it was pointed out that he did not actually have Chinese nationality, although he was introduced as having multiple nationalities, “Canadian and Chinese,” in his profile. 

Parents business problems

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