Winner launches self-produced variety show ‘Winner Brothers’

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K-pop group WINNER is introducing a new self-made variety show.

WINNER's new variety show, WINNER BROS / Provided by YG Entertainment
WINNER’s new variety show, Winner Brothers / Provided by YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment, the group’s agency, announced on the 6th that they would be launching WINNER’s new web content, ‘Winner Brothers’.

YG said, “Starting on the 11th, we’ll be coming with a new episode every Tuesday at 7 p.m., aiming to bring joy to fans with diversified episodes every week.”

’10-year friendship’ chemistry between the members of WINNER is expected to bring special fun. WINNER is expected to be more friendly and delightful than ever before.

YG said, “We put WINNER’s loving heart that wants to communicate with fans more closely,” and urged fans to expect “human-like aspects of the members outside the stage as the title name suggests.”

‘Winner Brothers’ seems to be benchmarked after Warner Bros., a famous distributor in the USA.

WINNER has received love with hit songs such as ‘Empty’, ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘EVERYDAY’, ‘MILLIONS’, ‘REMEMBER’ ‘I LOVE U’. All four members are also active in various fields such as solo activities, variety shows, art, and acting outside of promoting together as a group.

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