With over 4.35 million YouTube channel subscribers, singer Raon has released her first Korean-language original single “Like Like” along with a music video.

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Raon, a music creator with 4.35 million subscribers on YouTube, has released her first Korean original single “♡Like Like♡ (Prod.Giga&TAK)”.

The song is a unique and catchy EDM genre that harmonizes Raon’s distinctive and lively singing voice with a charming and addictive rhythm.

The song was produced by recognized producers in Korea and Japan. Collaborating producers include TAK, who produced music for top Korean idols such as NCT 127 and LOVELYZ, Ado who sang the theme song for the world-famous anime “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, and Giga who has worked with popular Japanese artists such as Reol. The music video not only features Raon’s creative process in the studio but also showcases her various charms.

Raon is a global mega-creator who has participated in various OSTs (insertion songs) for diverse games, based on her recognition of 4.35 million YouTube subscribers and 1.1 billion cumulative video views. Since debuting in the Japanese market through a partnership with Universal Music Japan in 2021, she has been active as a singer and all-around entertainer.

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