Woman who paid correct price of 5,000 won for mispriced item at unmanned store amazes netizens.

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A woman who paid for a product at an unmanned store at the original price despite a wrong entry has been revealed, attracting attention.

A woman paying at a kiosk / Below a Naver cafe 'Because it hurts, I am the owner'
A woman paying at a kiosk / Below a Naver cafe ‘Because it hurts, I am the owner’
Calculation screen on a CCTV in the store at the time
Calculation screen on a CCTV in the store at the time

Last month, a story about a woman in her 20s who paid for a product worth KRW 5,000 despite discovering that the product price displayed on the kiosk was KRW 500 due to a mistake on the part of the store was posted on the self-employed community, ‘Because it hurts, I am the owner.’

The woman found out that the price of the product was erroneously displayed as KRW 500 when she tried to pay for a KRW 5,000 dog product at the store where the product had been stocked. Her response surprised many.

She checked the price again and then put ten 500-won items in the cart to pay KRW 5,000 as it should have been. It was reported that the store was not aware that the price had been incorrectly set on the store’s POS system until the woman made the payment.

The store decided to give her a gift of her choice to show their gratitude. However, the woman picked only a KRW 600 ice cream out of many products.

Afterwards, the woman conducted an interview with Yonhap News TV on the situation and the reason why she made the honest payment.

The video was posted on YouTube under the title ‘Unmanned store ‘Conscience Guest’ College student who thought she received good home education…’ and has garnered over one million views and more than 14,000 likes.

Below YouTube, Yonhap News TV
Below YouTube, Yonhap News TV

According to the video, the woman is a 23-year-old college student studying bioengineering at Korea University.

She said in the interview, “I was clueless that such comments about me being complimented were posted on the community, so I was just terribly surprised. Later, the store owner contacted me.”

She continued, “It’s a place that I often go to since it’s close to my house and they also sell dog snacks there nowadays. I stopped by (the unmanned store) to buy snacks for my dog because there were none left after going to school and eating dinner and coming back.”

She explained the situation at the time, saying, “When I tried to pay, I scanned the barcode, but it was printed as KRW 500 instead

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