Wonho is amazed at his recent condition while exercising… Fans are in agony at his crispy muscles.

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Photo=Wonho’s official SNS

Wonho released a photo of his recent activities.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Wonho posted on his SNS, “WENEEs (name of fans), here are the pictures of the exercise I did late at night. …… I’m having a dinner. #Wonho #WONHO” and posted two photos.

In the photos, he is wearing a black sleeveless outfit with tights that emphasize his lower body muscles, showing off his dominant style.

In particular, Wonho is constantly taking care of himself through steady exercise, and his fans around the world are saying, “Cool,” “Oh my God,” “Eat lots of dinner.”

Wonho released his first mini album PART 2 “Love Synonym#2: Right for Us” in February.

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