WSG WANNABE’s GAYA-G, New song “To You” MV released… Beautiful harmony.

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Photo = “To You” MV capture”

GAYA-G, a unit from the WSG WANNABE project group that emerged from MBC’s variety show “Hangout with Yoo”, has made a comeback with a new song that leaves a deep impression.

GAYA-G released the music video for their new song “To You” today (17th). In the released video, they have a poignant expression that caught the eye. In addition, their beautiful singing voice added to the charm and captivated the ears of fans.

The stable singing ability and beautiful harmony of Lee Boram from SeeYa, Soyoon from LABOUM, singer HYNN, and actress Jung Ji Soo evoke admiration and deliver a deep resonance. The perfect chemistry between the four members moved the fans.

GAYA-G’s new song “To You” is a classic medium-tempo song that expresses the importance and excitement of finding love this spring, and it is a new song that has been performed for the first time in about eight months since “That Moment, That Time, That Feeling”. The producer Cho Yong Soo, who led the medium-tempo boom in the 2000s with SG WANNABE, See Ya, and others, and is Korea’s best producer, produced the song. As Cho Yong Soo is a hitmaker who is recognized for pioneering the ballad genre of “medium-tempo,” there was already high interest in “To You,” in which he and GAYA-G collaborated and matched their breaths.

GAYA-G has set amazing records, such as ranking first on music charts, winning first place on music shows, and receiving a special award at the “MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards,” so it is expected that their new song “To You” will also be a big hit.

GAYA-G’s new song “To You” was released through various music distribution sites at 6 p.m. on the 17th.

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