X1 native Kim Woo Seok releases 2nd solo album “2nd DESIRE [TASTY]” 2nd preview video

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Photo = TOP Media

The second preview video of the title song “Sugar” of Kim Woo Seok’s new album from X1 has been released.

At 0:00 on the 2nd, the second preview video of Kim Woo Seok’s 2nd solo album “2nd DESIRE [TASTY]” title song “Sugar” was posted on the official YouTube channel of TOP Media, which attracted attention.

This preview video begins with the back view of Kim Woo Seok walking forward. Then, the perfect visual of Kim Woo Seok, who transformed into pink-collar hair, appeares. In addition, the gorgeous background with a distinctive pink color combined with the warm and adorable atmosphere unique to Kim Woo Seok raised expectations for the full version of the music video.

Prior to this, Kim Woo Seok announced that CREAM PHOTO, which has a quiet and warm atmosphere, and COOKIE PHOTO, which is playful like a child, will be released one after another to show new charm. The first preview video released after that attracted the attention of fans with a lively and cute atmosphere. In addition, the track list was released on the 1st, and it attracted a lot of attention because he put his soul into producing all the songs of this album as well as giving his opinion on the process of preparing the artwork.

In the 2nd solo album “2nd DESIRE [TASTY]”, you can see Kim Woo Seok with a lovely concept, which is the opposite of the 1st solo album “1st DESIRE [GREED]”, which has the charm of Kim Woo Seok. It is an album that can be done. As Kim Woo Seok, who has been active in various fields such as variety shows and acting, is making a comeback to his main business for the first time in a long time, we are curious about what kind of new appearance and music Kim Woo Seok will show.

Kim Woo Seok will open a comeback showcase on February 8th with the release of his 2nd solo album “2nd DESIRE [TASTY]”. Prior to this, on February 4, the stage of the new song “Sugar” will be released for the first time through Mnet “M COUNTDOWN”.

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