X1 native Kim Woo-seok releases new album spoilers in interview “Talk To Woo”? (With video)

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Photo = TOP Media

Kim Woo-seok from X1 has released a part of the contents of the new album in a message-style interview.

The interview video “Talk To Woo” was released on Kim Woo-seok’s official YouTube channel on the 3rd.

This is a video of a messenger interview with Kim Woo-seok, who attracted attention by showing a fun talk about his new album “2ND DESIRE [TASTY]”.

When asked, “How would you describe the digestive power of this concept in terms of sugar content?”, Kim Woo Seok gave a unique answer, “Because the blood sugar level is dangerous, I will set it to about 10%.” In addition, some of the lyrics of the recorded songs were released with only consonants, which attracted attention.

He also revealed that he drank more than eight cups of coffee when shooting the music video for the title song. Finally, he sent a loving message to the fans who have been waiting for his comeback for a long time, appealing his love for the fans.

Kim Woo Seok,  will appear on Mnet “M COUNTDOWN” on the 4th and will unveil the title song “Sugar” of  his album “2ND DESIRE [TASTY]” for the first time. ..

“Sugar” is a dance song of with pop and R & B genre, where you can feel the sweet and deadly charm of Kim Woo-seok, and will showcase a stage full of highlights such as cute gesture choreography and performances using chairs.

“2ND DESIRE [TASTY]”, which incorporates his new music and appearance, will be released on the 8th, and a showcase will be held on the same day to start full-scale comeback activities.


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