Xia Junsu appeared on the cover of a pet magazine with his beloved dog!

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Singer Junsu has become a hot topic for having a photoshoot with his beloved dog.

Junsu posed for the cover of the March issue of the pet specialty magazine “hey mari” along with his dog, Chu.

Junsu, along with his beloved dog Chu, has become the talk of the town after a photoshoot they did together for the March issue of the pet magazine “Hey Mari”.

Despite claiming it was his first time doing a photo shoot with his furry companion, Junsu executed three different concepts perfectly – one surrounded by flowers, one with a white background, and one where he and Chu made eye contact while hugging.

During the shoot, Junsu showcased his various poses, revealing a new side of him as a Hallyu star. Additionally, he displayed his extraordinary affection towards Chu, speaking gently to him during interviews, and embracing him with a smile.

Chu, for his part, energetically ran around on the set and became a “happy virus,” receiving love and attention from the staff.

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