YG ENTERTAINMENT and Big Hit Entertainment have joined hands

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YG ENTERTAINMENT and Big Hit Entertainment have joined hands.

YG ENTERTAINMENT announced on the 27th that it has agreed to strengthen its strategic partnership with Big Hit Entertainment. As a result, the two companies will develop various businesses such as platforms, distribution, and contents through mutual cooperation.

In particular, the online and offline platforms deployed by the two companies are expected to be further expanded, which is highly anticipated.

Not only do YG have many artists who are popular all over the world, but they also have strengths in various fields such as distribution of sound sources and albums, and MD. Big Hit has achieved excellent results in the business field utilizing the fan community platform “Weverse” and the artist’s IP.

With this alliance, YG ENTERTAINMENT will develop and expand its artist’s global membership-related business through “Weverse” of Big Hit Entertainment. It has become possible for YG artists, who are gaining worldwide popularity, to more actively capture the global market.

Photo = Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment plans to further expand its influence in the world of “Weverse” by expanding YG’s artist content. In addition, YG plans to steadily build an innovative model that can provide new experiences to fans by cooperating with YG PLUS in the distribution of sound sources and albums of artists belonging to Big Hit and the MD business.

The two companies explained their significance, saying, “We have reached a new turning point in which the two companies that have been aiming for the best in their respective fields cooperate.” He continued, “We will grow together through various collaborations that affect the entertainment lifestyle in general.”

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