Yoo Ah-in, perfect for cold weather!

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Photo = Yoo Ah-in’s SNS

Actor Yoo Ah-in reported on the latest whereabouts with photos.

Yoo Ah-in delighted his fans by posting a few daily shots and photos through his Instagram this morning.

The most eye-catching photo is a shot of a night walk. The figure standing alone against the background of the jet-black night sky attracts attention.

Yoo Ah-in wears a thick jacket and a muffler in case of freezing cold. We can’t see his face well with a hat and a mask, but we can see his silhouette.

He also released a self-shot taken in front of a mirror.

Yoo Ah-in is currently filming the movie “Game” (Director: Kim Hyun-joo) based on the true story of Cho Hun-hyun 9th Dan and Lee Chang-ho 9th Dan, which are legends in the Go world.

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